Peekskill Community Congress

Finding shared priorities for community action.

  1. Engage everyone: For the Community Congress process to reflect the diversity of a local community, organizers should reach out to community leaders across all of the lines that regularly divide us — race, class, political party, religion, and social issue — and welcome them to the process.

  2. Public forums: Every resident has the opportunity to sign-up to propose their top priority at a public forum on a first come, first serve basis. Proposed priorities must be “actionable” (put forward a clear solution) and able to be worked on locally. Priorities can be submitted online here and then presented at a public forum in one of the following ways: (1) presented by the proposer at a public forum, individually or in a group; or (2) presented by a PkCC volunteer at a public forum.

  3. The ballot: All proposed priorities will be placed on a community ballot and mailed to every home in Peekskill.

  4. Community vote: Any resident of Peekskill 13 years or older will be eligible to vote. Residents can vote by mailing their ballots, dropping them at identified community locations, or voting online.

  5. Take action: Community organizers publicize the results to community leaders and work with community volunteers to build momentum towards making proposed priorities a reality.